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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Must Visit Places in Spain


The ‘Red Palace’ in Granada is an important historical monument and one of the best tourist attractions that Spain have. The Alhambra has been under the control of both – the Muslims and the Christian and because of that the place has buildings of different architectures. The gardens in this place are world-famous and unbelievably beautiful.


This is a present-day Christian church that he used to be a Mosque in the past. The arches and pillars that are crossed to arrive at the Catholic shrines is magnificent Arabic work. The building was made in 796 A.D. and it is an attraction that you must not miss watching.


Barcelona is considered one of the most beautiful cities that Spain and world have. Known for being both historical and modern, the city is connected with excellent air links and high-speed train network.


The festivals that conjure up here are the craziest one. The place is known for having giant tomato fights that take place each August transforming a quiet and serene Bunyol village into a fanatical town. The village has a small population of 9000 that swells to around 30,000 during festivals.


It is a wonderful place where you can ski on the snow in morning. From Sierra Nevada Mountains, the beach can be reached within an hour, where you can have fun water skiing under the sun.


This impressive structure was designed by and American architect named Frank O. Gehry. The structure is situated in the heart of the Bilbao and it sits on an area of around 32,500 m. The structure is known for its unusual amalgamations of curves and blocks that is covered with Italian scales.


The Roman Theater that has the capacity to hold around 6000 spectators is one of the premier sights of Merida.


Fresno, California

For many years the district has established itself as an agricultural hub. Nevertheless, Fresno has also become a tourism ground thanks to its amazing attractions and annual events. Travel to Fresno and enjoy the amazing scenery and picturesque landscape.

Fresno Sports and Outdoor Recreation

Fresno sits in the central region of California. The area is filled with various sports and outdoor activities throughout the year.

The Woodward Park in Northern Fresno is a 10 acre bike park with progression based riding.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains is the perfect place for hiking and trekking. Get to new heights and reach the summit in these locations: Dinkey Creek, Kaiser Peak, Shaver Lake, Tamarack Ridge, Tollhouse, and Wishon.

Horseback riding is an excellent leisure activity in Fresno. You can enjoy this-one-of- kind recreation in the following areas: pack stations at Sequoia National Forest, Wonder Valley Ranch and Resort, and Huntington Lake.

For hunting and fishing, there is Hume Lake and Woodward Park/Jensen Sports Complex.

The amazing rapids of Kings River and San Joaquin River Parkway are the best locations for white-water rafting and kayaking. While others enjoy the exhilarating ride on the river, some can just serenade their souls at Millerton Lake State Recreation area and Pine Flat Lake, both of which are also perfect for boating and picnics.

World renowned golf courses can be found in Fresno. The Brighton Crest sits at the foot of the majestic foothills of Sierra and Millerton Lake, giving golfers amazing challenges for a hole in one. Opposite the Brighton Crest is the Copper River Country 18-hole par 72 Championship Golf Course. The key feature of the course is the fact that 7 of it its 18 holes have water features with a picturesque view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Fresno Arts and Culture

Enjoy ArtHop in Fresno. ArtHop is when museums, galleries, and cultural-art venues are open for public viewing every first and third Thursday of each month.

The African American Cultural and Historical Museum has its home within Fresno, California. It showcases the finest artworks and gives a historical overview to the African-Americans in the Central Valley. The Exhibits are permanent collections that tell the story of the life and times of San Joaquin Valley’s African American Leaders.

Fresno is filled with cultural museums. Besides the African-American ancestry museum, the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia runs its own museum showcasing German-Russian culture and artifacts from the earliest settlers of Fresno. Also, Germans from Russia can enjoy genealogy research to trace their ancestors.

Family Fun and Things to do in Fresno

Fresno is home to many amusement and water parks, animal and wildlife sanctuaries, summer camps and other attractions that families will definitely enjoy.

Thousands of families line the gate on the way to Fresno attractions. The region offers boundless fun attractions like the Blackbeard’s Family Fun Center. Blackbeard’s houses 3 miniature golf courses for Tiger Woods wannabes. It also has water slides and bankshot basketball.

Racing is fun especially on Blackbeard’s mini speedway. Visitors can enjoy a pedal to the metal ride on its famous mini race track. Take a plunge and a bumpy ride on the Bumper Boats, while you let your kids enjoy rides at Cap’n Kids region.

Take a splash at Wild Water Adventure Park. The water park is made up of 52 acres of exhilarating rides. The park is kid-friendly. It features the Rotary Storyland and Playland, where your kids can bring their favorite fairytale characters to life.

The tiniest members of your family will definitely enjoy exploring the castle or visiting the Three Little Pigs’ House.

Kids will surely laugh and giggle with enjoyment when they ride the the merry-go-round and the Ferris wheel.

The hot summer days are always soothed with a refreshing dip in the newly built splash park.


Overview Of China

The official name of the country is the People’s Republic of China. China covers a land mass of over 3.7 million square miles, making it a large country indeed. The capital is Beijing. Other major cities include Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Harbin, and Chengdu.

With such a massive land area, you can image that there is a wide variety of terrain in the country. Generally, one can find plains, deltas and hills in the east, while mountains, high plateaus and a vast desert exists in the west. The climate ranges from tropical in the far south to arctic cold in the far north on the border with Siberia, Russia.

The people of China are known as Chinese. The most recent population study put the total number of Chinese at over 1.3 billion people, more than four times as many people as found in the United States. Population growth, however, has slowed to roughly half a percent annually. The reason for the slow down is very controversial. Concerned about economic strain caused by population growth, China has implemented a policy of allowing for only one child per family with some minor exceptions. Enforcement of this policy is supposedly done through fines, but forced abortions are known to occur despite government policy opposing them. The government hopes to stabilize the population at no more than 1.6 billion people through 2050. The current infant mortality rate is an astonishingly high 25.5 per 1,000 births.

Ethnicity in China is a hodgepodge issue given its vast size and long history. Han Chinese is the dominant group, consisting of over 91 percent of the population. This is a very loose group, however, as evidenced by various dialects of language in the country. There are seven major Chinese dialects and literally hundreds of localized dialects. Mandarin is the dominant dialect, spoken by over 70 percent of the population in one form or another. That being said, only 60 percent of the Han Chinese can speak it with the remaining 40 percent speaking other dialects. In addition to Mandarin, languages spoken widely included Turkic, Korean, Uygur, Tibetan and Mongolian. It is often said that people in one part of China can’t communicate with people on the opposite side.

From a religious perspective, China is officially atheist. That being said, it takes a lax view towards faiths that work with the government. Buddhism is the largest faith with over 100 million practitioners. Taoism is the second most popular. There is a smattering of Muslim and Christian believers, but nothing significant.


Miami Beach

Originally established in 1915, the city, located in the Miami-Dade County of Florida, changed its name to Miami Beach in 1917. It is a city known not only for the excitements that it offers as a seaside resort but also for its cultural and artistic heritage.

The city’s Art-Deco style architecture won recognition in 1979 when the city’s Art-Deco Historic District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Hundreds of hotels, apartments and other structures built during the period 1923-43 provide the architectural basis for declaring the district a historic place of national importance. Besides Art-Deco, Mediterranean and Streamline Moderne are the other architectural styles that are well represented in the district.

The city’s South Beach is one of the most popular areas. Being a great draw to European tourists and largely influenced by their preferences, South Beach is one of the few public beaches in the country that tolerate topless sunbathing. Today, this part of the city is a major entertainment destination with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants and oceanfront hotels.

The city is also very well known for its nightlife, fine dining culture, bike riding and shopping. While the once down-trodden Lincoln Road in the South Beach area is today acknowledged throughout the US as the destination for quality food, adventure thrills and great shopping experiences, its real claim to fame is the fact that Lincoln Road and the South Beach area has today replaced Los Angeles and New York City as the country’s top night life destination. Incidentally, the city happens to be among the top 30 destinations for gay tourism in the United States. The city is also the world’s fashion shoot hub with more than 1500 models living in the area and many more arriving during the October to March season.

Often called the Sun and Fun Capital of the world, Miami Beach offers tourists several points of interest. Take Collins Bridge for instance. Way back in 1913, John S. Collins and Carl G. Fisher built a 21/2 mile bridge to connect the City of Miami on the mainland and the City of Miami Beach on a barrier island in southern Florida. It was then the longest wooden bridge in the world. Although the Venetian Causeway has today replaced the original Collins Bridge, it was this link that ushered in rapid development for Miami Beach. Today the Venetian Causeway follows the original route taken by Collins Bridge.
Another must-see landmark is the Miami Beach Botanical Garden spread across 4.5 acres of land. The garden includes a conservatory and has several varieties of palms and orchids.