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Välj vilket språk du vill. Vi talar svenska och 42 andra språk.

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Sixbanger: English guys love*

Israel Nieves: This is very helpful. I should probably stop going to the store in my pajamas.

OvO_9000: I thought the title was fucking sexist languages

Alexandra S: He was Catalan :P besides that, not all the Spaniards are like that.

The Phantom: More like You Know You Are Dating an (anglo TORONTO Woman.

John Perez: Venezuelans don't even like soccer/futbol

D Anita: By the way.everything they've said is the absolute true. I can attest for that. God work. Enjoy Lisbon!

Bhavi Yadav: I speak English as my first language, and French and Italian as my other two. My dad is Italian and my moms side is Polish, so I'd love to speak Polish or even Russian, they sound so cool!

Nelliel: Hey i am from Bulgaria and believe me only the northen countries need to have a reason to smile ;)

Luna Leite: Bu chok guzel ben seviriom :)

Racat17: Sorry man but your video is retarded.

Valdemar Tyan: In 16th century croatian language was declared by papal decree to be one of official languages in europe and to be thought in every university for two years. Why? Because croatian language is root of all slavic languages! It is proven that it was formed directly from Samskrit(sanskrit). Hotell i Chennai. Boka hotell nu! - Lakewood  hookup

Boendet betalar eventuellt Booking. När gästerna kommer fram upptäcker de att rummet är precis så där lugnt och tyst som man vill ha det och personalen är supertrevlig och hjälpsam. Fyll i din e-postadress så skickar vi din e-postbekräftelse igen Ange en giltig e-postadress. Om det är okej med dig är det bara att fortsätta söka Stäng.

Olive Grand ligger i Chennai, 4 km från Pondy Bazaar. Pearland singles

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Dominic Uri: Also, a lot of Chinese girls know how to do business (especially if they're Hong Kong girls and make money on their own. They aren't gold diggers, they just want to make YOU know how to make money too.

BlommanJR: This Quebecois guy is definitely French : But otherwise excellent description of the French woman. 2 mind game.

Läskipää22: The brazilian portuguese was weird. they didnt show enough

Sopi Wibb: I will never date a Asian look girl who says I am Canadian. Shame on you. Big disgrace of your ancestors

XxxEr1caxxx: Obesity/showing you don't take care of yourself.

Cal920c: Israeli made up nationality to steal land and murder and expel.

Elolo Horgli: That nose . xD

RaZerfj2013: I'm not really into girls right now. WHAT?

Jorge Paez: I mean no offense, of course. there's no better accent, they're just different :)

Tilly McMahon: Soooooooo Russian women are a good example to all other women in the world essentially?

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This lollipop stays between us

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