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Kirjaudu tai Rekisteröidy tai Unohtuiko salasana? Sveitsin metalliylpeys Eluveitie julkaisee uuden, "Ategnatos"-albuminsa huhtikuussa ja levyn myötä tehtävä laajamittainen euroopankiertue ulottuu joulukuussa myös Suomeen! Kuluvan vuosituhannen alkupuolella aloittaneen...

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Liliana C: Loved the video! Many of these things also apply to dating hispanic women in general (I should know since I am one lol)

Hello Mate: The french was so bad ! I didn't reconized it and I'm french

Geraduss: I'm so proud, because the Brazilian is the best in guessing.

Natsu Dragnel: Please, the voice of a colombian girl melts them. they are lacking girl colombian.

Lawny Schurz: Wheres the welsh at

Bismuth: I need a video on dating lebanese women, make it happen.

Marit G: Lol.I used to date Greek women .then I married one .Trouble with a Capital T .they are Stabbers and Throwers .becareful .

Nanilka Punks: I'm half English half Brazilian btw)

Starving Wolf: I'd love to see you know you are dating a Nigerian man :D

Nemri Raed: Estuary is quite sexy

Youtube Atlanta dating!


Skäggoljan är återfuktande och gjord på enbart naturliga oljor.

Sändes 8 mars S09 A Sändes 1 december S09 A Sändes 5 april S09 A Haemme Helsingin keskustassa Urho Kekkosen kadulla sijaitsevaan toimistoomme kehittämishaluista myyntipäällikköä täydentämään Tiketin ainutlaatuista jengiä.

Sändes 8 mars Skapa konto Ett fel uppstod. Sändes 10 november S09 A

Should men and women be less friendly / flirty??

Ge ditt omdöme Tillbaka till produkten Skriv ditt omdöme Vad tyckte du om? Tikkurila Festivaali julkisti lisää artisteja ensi kesälle Tikkurila Festivaalille julkistettiin juuri lisää kovia kotimaisia nimiä.

Suvilahti TBA on vuoden loppupuolella Helsingin Suvilahden kulttuurikeskukseen avattu tapahtumaravintola. Sändes 20 oktober S09 A Ritchie Blackmoren johtama Rainbow valloittaa torstaina 6.

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The Mokeys: French Canadian so erm xD

Ellinor04: Wow, she learned Chilenean by just hearing him reading! 10

Griffin L: And why has it become so complicated these days? When I was young I visited and lived in many different countries and I found just being myself and generally friendly worked quite well. Things used to be much more international. Now so many rules.

Llodoroo: To Russia i go

Pilgrimage: Please make one of Polish women

Sean Taylor: Can you do you know you're dating an italian man?

Ines Flower: Family for italians and greeks is rly important dont mess with it haha :D we know how to eat so. :)

Pro Gamer: This is so true. Our parties are nothing like gringo parties.

Flyby501: But, but. am I not required to talk to North American women only if they want me to?

DezzNutzz: Beauty trend in the UK: look like an orange blowup doll.

LEL Trip: So much money to be made off of stereotypes

Mayeth Palay: Ouww you look so cute speaking Russian, now I kinda wanna know how would had turned out Game of Thrones if it was seated in Russia.

Spirit Lion: We're not obsessed, just a little

Vivek Thakur: Nasty ass kykes!

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