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Välj vilket språk du vill. Vi talar svenska och 42 andra språk.

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Något Anderson Silva , till skillnad från hans klubbkamrat Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira , inte tycker är konstigt alls.
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Visa recensioner efter betyg: Rekommenderat Datum nyast till äldst Datum äldst till nyast Betyg högst till lägst Betyg lägst till högst. Jones har hävdat att metaboliterna i hans system kan ligga kvar i upp till sju år.

Kontaktuppgifterna står i bokningsbekräftelsen. If I had to be helped in some way they met my needs such as assisting me get my boarding passes to fly back.

Hem Diskussioner Workshop Marknad Sändningar. Do you actually have to go all the way with one of the other quests and score with one of the girls? Visar 1 - 5 av 5 kommentarer. If you want Frank to give you the condom you have to be gay. Talk to Frank about the condom, then talk to Derek about Frank being gay and say that you are gay.

Then go to Frank and say you are attracted to him. Then say the line that says you're insane Frank.

Todd Strong: DO SAME WITH POLISH! Im curious!

Zatrixx: OMG! Mathieu from France, please say I'll be BACK!

Nicolas Hulot: It's wrong to say they are vikings, because vikings were uncivilized people. In contrasts, Swedes are extremely civilized and polite. They couldn't be more different from vikings.

Anonymous 123: Do russian girls come in the comunnist version?

Clem72tro: French is so badly pronounced

Croak80: Chinese is not a language. approx billion people speal hindi but no we will include turkish cause we are biased

David Liu: Wow, is it true that modern Russians still re-watch 'Moscow does not believe in Tears'? It's an old-fashioned movie and many senior citizens in my country mention it as a nostalgia of USSR era.

BackSpace: I know these guys.

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Mike Sanchez: Rather than trends. these are just local cultures

Macie Mizer: The American Asian guy sounded gay

Tongue Less: I thought I was going to see from men's point of view

Discord H: This is pure white looking north indian guy thing!

MariaCraft: I speak better French than her, and I'm Danish.

Rioangus: You should do a video where the German woman and the Russian man get together for a date. That would be very interesting!



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  1. If my boyfriend said she wanted me to pretend to rape her, i'd have to break up with her.

  2. Well, have we seen The Point, circa 1971? Trust me, it's more relevant to people like Wagg than just an intentional pun. ^^

  3. I have been abused by men and gay alike so stop trying to portay me as an idiot who knows nothing.

  4. im completely cool with never marrying, I couldnt imagine being with the same person for the rest of my life, Id get bored with her

  5. Your opening line speaks to me on a emotional level. В I feel the exact same way

  6. If America had a tower for every gender, a terrorist would fly a commercial airplane onto them.

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